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You wanted to know about me...I think that s why you are I hope! (Please note: No pedophiles or cyberstalkers...I've had it up to the elephants ass with you type of people.)
Hi. My name...well, just call me Eva. I live a very boring's not even worth typing its name on here. I have almost no life now..considering I'm on probation, I work, and school is about to start, so the free time I do have I sepnd with my boyfriend (oh yeah, love ya Spike!) his name isn't's a well fitting nickname. Considering the fact he has spikey hair (it's a real life Cloud!!), but then again, he could be Sephiroth in disguise...hmmm...Oh well, love him anyways. We both work our little asses off at McDonald's...but he's a manager now, so "that is..some word I'm not goona bother trying to spell right now!!!" N E WAYS I am talking to some weirdo freak-o dude, actually, he's talking to me, with a chic name...oh wait...he's Stefane, 29 male, from France...last time I checked that's considered ROBBING THE CRADLE here in the states, buddy...and he gets to see the wild hair...scare him off..or I will throw my trusty dagger thingy whatchma-call-it at you! This guy is stupid I swear...hmm...anywho. When I'm not working the local drive-thru or the occassional street corner, I am--wait, street corner...hmm oh yeah, very good money. Not really, I don't do that...although...*thinking* ouch...gotta stop doing that, it hurts! But when I'm not working I'm with my friends...mostly work friends...lets not talk about my school mates..bad habits. (Ignore is a wonderful thing..) An here comes my wonderful kitty, Pepsi. Who happens to be very pissed at me right now..another cat was on her territory, and hates Spike, and my best friend (hates katie cuz katie give kitty kitty swirly, and used her as a basketball one night.) Hates Spike for some strange reason...but she's learning to get along with him. And I have a dumb dog...he listens to me for some strange reason...but no one else, and I rarely have a chance to go play with the poor widdle puppy-pooh. Oh, and the info about me now!! I'm a junior at MHHS, I have went through two years of hell in the NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps)..BOOORING. Hey, they let me play with guns though...even though they were demilitarized or an air rifle...those things can still hurt people...not that I ever did hurt anyone...accidently of course. Here are some Pictures of some of my more "faithful" friends...hehe, yeah, right...faithful. Stop reading this something else!!

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I am in no way tied to SquareSoft, Playststion, Sony Computer Entertainment, SCEA, or Brady Games. Is that clear? I am just a Final Fantasy enthusiast

I will have this site up and going very very soon!!.