Isn't this nifty?

Ok, here they are, the midis. If there's one you would like and it's not here, drop me a line (or sign the guestbook and tell me ^_^)think I should have up here and I don't tell me...if you have any that I don't have up here (I'm not really begging, but doing this to get a point across) send it to me or tell me where I can get it...I beg this of thee (a little over-dramatic, don't you think?) But anyways, not here for the lousy download and be happy!

Final Fantasy 7 Midi file
Cele's Theme from FF3
Those Chosen by the Sephy's theme
Overworld Theme in other words, this is the map music
FF3/FF6 midi
Aerith's Theme a shorter version of it, but it is very good
Final fantasy ?
Aerith's Theme but more of an orchestra sound to it
Locke's Theme
Cid's theme